Why Advertising on Tradeshow Apps Make Sense

Posted by Daniel Cabrera on May 26, 2015 2:55:00 PM


Businesses are trying to get in front of their potential customers as much as possible. Rather than using resources on traditional marketing, such as interruptive ads, marketers are now focusing on inbound marketing tactics and using a customer-centric approach. Getting in front of channels where customers are consuming information without interrupting makes it a win-win.

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One phrase that can make or break your marketing message

Posted by Jason Sullivan on May 11, 2015 1:13:38 PM

I am already losing your attention. It’s OK, I won’t take it personally. You are a busy person. Your day is scheduled, booked, and crowded with distractions. You are the typical audience for business-to-business content. That’s why being able to express your value proposition in one line or phrase can be so important.

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A Lesson in Social: Exerting Control

Posted by Jessie Meehan on Apr 28, 2015 11:51:53 AM

Based on the need (and maybe more so, the desire) for a quicker and more easily accessible means of communicating and finding information, the Internet is inherently social. Nowadays the norm – even outside of mainstream social media players like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – is to have an element of interaction on any given website, whether through public commenting, direct messages between users, or the ability to easily share content.

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Major new initiatives…. This time for real….

Posted by Stephen Corrick on Apr 24, 2015 10:22:00 AM

You can’t beat Watson

From a few emails I received, I sense that there is some “earth shattering news” fatigue with some of us.

Too much talk of Apple doing this and Google doing that, maybe. Additionally, most of these stories have the usual caveats of “it’s still in the early stage” or “they are dipping their toes in” etc.

So, it’s great to see major tech companies tangibly connected to major medical device players. Like many, I am still digesting the http://bit.ly/1ODbD8l IBM, Medtronic, J&J, Apple story. Just those four names together in one headline make it news. Now we have all the power of the Watson platform, the winner of Jeopardy, being deployed to translate data into actionable insight in medtech.

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Utilizing a Content Library

Posted by Justin Cross on Apr 21, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Several years back I was having a lot of success with my content marketing efforts. I was typically generating hundreds of leads for a given event. But I became frustrated that the benefits from these efforts were so short lived. And I wanted to be more organized with the content I was creating. The solution: set up a content library that spanned across all of the events in my vertical.

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Divide & Conquer: 3 Steps to Increase Email Marketing Potential

Posted by Nicole Alcombright on Apr 10, 2015 1:13:00 PM

Who are you? Think about the last time you had to fill in a questionnaire or a survey. What’s your job title? What’s your industry? Where are you from? Check all that apply.

When thinking about your audience, it’s easy to think of one massive, unified group of people. You have something for them, and you would like them to be receptive of what you’re offering. However, the individuals in your audience certainly wouldn’t think of themselves as part of one unified group. They are individuals, with diverse interests and diverse needs.

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Don't Turn Your Back on the Customer

Posted by Donna Lawrence on Apr 6, 2015 2:13:00 PM

Putting the customer first is basic in business, but sometimes the concept gets lost in the weeds. We all know that without our customers we would not have a business. We know we need to be customer-facing and let them know that we have just what they need—the products, the services, the information we provide. And yet, when creating our marketing materials, it can be easy for us to be so busy getting things done, that we don’t notice that we have turned our attention away from serving our customer and are focusing instead on just finishing this darn project by deadline. Or maybe you want to add more details to be sure you aren’t leaving anything out, or you are just trying to manage your growing To Do list and check this off the list.

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Top 5 Things to Make Your Booth Approachable

Posted by Colleen Fanneron on Mar 23, 2015 1:30:00 PM

So now you have your booth team well trained on WHO you want to attract to your booth. You have your materials ready. Lead retrieval is ordered. But have you thought through the layout of the actual booth to make sure you are creating a welcoming environment?

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Betting on Manufacturing that bets on Medical Devices that bets on Apple (maybe...)

Posted by Stephen Corrick on Mar 19, 2015 12:05:00 PM

It’s no longer 1978

According to a recent article in The Economist it seems that “talk of a renaissance in American manufacturing is overblown”. Apparently since the late 1970’s there have been some ups and downs, but it’s pretty much a downward trend.

Well, that is generally true for overall employment numbers, surely the focus on “Advanced Manufacturing” is producing the kind of higher paying, automation augmented, robotics enhanced, 3D Printed, modern manufacturing we picture on some gleaming factory floor?

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Engaging Physicians Beyond the Conference

Posted by Jessie Meehan on Mar 19, 2015 11:33:00 AM

Nowadays there are a lot of things that need to remain “top of mind” for physicians and healthcare professionals – Obamacare, reimbursement concerns, ICD-10 implementation, staffing issues … you get the idea. But in addition to the vast amount of necessary business information, physicians also need to stay abreast of the latest clinical updates – many of which are at the forefront of large- and small-scale medical meetings and conferences.

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