Top 5 Things to Make Your Booth Approachable

Posted by Colleen Fanneron on Mar 23, 2015 1:30:00 PM

So now you have your booth team well trained on WHO you want to attract to your booth. You have your materials ready. Lead retrieval is ordered. But have you thought through the layout of the actual booth to make sure you are creating a welcoming environment?

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Betting on Manufacturing that bets on Medical Devices that bets on Apple (maybe...)

Posted by Stephen Corrick on Mar 19, 2015 12:05:00 PM

It’s no longer 1978

According to a recent article in The Economist it seems that “talk of a renaissance in American manufacturing is overblown”. Apparently since the late 1970’s there have been some ups and downs, but it’s pretty much a downward trend.

Well, that is generally true for overall employment numbers, surely the focus on “Advanced Manufacturing” is producing the kind of higher paying, automation augmented, robotics enhanced, 3D Printed, modern manufacturing we picture on some gleaming factory floor?

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Engaging Physicians Beyond the Conference

Posted by Jessie Meehan on Mar 19, 2015 11:33:00 AM

Nowadays there are a lot of things that need to remain “top of mind” for physicians and healthcare professionals – Obamacare, reimbursement concerns, ICD-10 implementation, staffing issues … you get the idea. But in addition to the vast amount of necessary business information, physicians also need to stay abreast of the latest clinical updates – many of which are at the forefront of large- and small-scale medical meetings and conferences.

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Blue/Black or White/Gold? - Real-Time Marketing

Posted by Kelly Ryan on Mar 16, 2015 10:42:27 AM

By now, we all know about #thedress phenomenon that took over social media. For a brief time EVERYONE was talking about this social trend. A few savvy companies such as Ford, Oreo, and Lego among others were able to capitalize this trend and put to good use as a promotional tool. Most notably, the Salvation Army recently implemented a campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence using the dress popularity as a back drop for an impactful real-time marketing campaign.

What is real-time marketing?
In short, real-time marketing is tying a brand’s marketing efforts into an event or phenomenon and capitalizing on the popularity/audience of that trend. It can be a pre-planned campaign tied to an event such as a sporting event (Super bowl), awards show (Oscars or Grammy’s) or pop-culture occurrence (music festival or movie premiere) or can be a quickly crafted response to a trending topic (#thedress). In the age of social, it is imperative for brands to have the flexibility to react quickly to trending topics.

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Does Your Tradeshow Booth Team Know Who They Need to Target?

Posted by Colleen Fanneron on Mar 10, 2015 11:43:00 AM

You’ve secured a booth, ordered furniture, and boxed up marketing materials to be shipped to the event on-time. It appears you are ready for a successful event.

But are the colleagues attending and operating the booth ready? If clear objectives of the company’s goals of exhibiting at a trade show are not filtered down to the actual booth personnel, the odds of evaluating the event as a success are low.

One of the main objectives of exhibiting at an industry event is to generate new sales leads. To make sure your booth team knows who they are looking for, below are some ideas to help you start the conversation.

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Testing 1, 2, 3… Testing…

Posted by Kate Derrico on Feb 27, 2015 1:34:00 PM

The start of a new year usually brings on some type of reflection. How did the year go? What went wrong… what went right? What was ok, and could have been better? Hopefully during the year and through your marketing endeavors, you did testing. It’s scary to start something new – who knows how it will work, right? That’s why testing is so important. It allows you to try new things without all of the uncertainty. Email testing is great way to get your feet wet if you’re thinking about starting to test the way you do things in your marketing campaign.

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Dunkin’ Donuts and Medical Care….

Posted by Stephen Corrick on Feb 18, 2015 10:56:17 AM

All About Value

All this talk of value and more value….. A recent McKinsey report on medical devices included a comment, “Dunkin’ Donuts customers know the coffee will not have milk foam and Ryanair passengers don't expect first-class service during flights”.

So far, so good, but what does this have to do with medical devices?

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The power of peers - can online comments influence your opinion?

Posted by Amy Erdman on Feb 13, 2015 2:01:17 PM

How much are we influenced by our peers? In light of the recent vaccine debate, Medical News Today wanted to know where the two opposing sides of the debate get their information from. Is it from official health campaigns run by governmental organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? Or are people more influenced by the online commentary of their peers?

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Three Reasons for White Space in Your Marketing

Posted by Donna Lawrence on Feb 5, 2015 2:29:00 PM

1. White space makes your material easier to read.

2. White space makes your message clearer.

3. Your audience is more likely to read it.

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Exhibitor Tips: Using Social to Increase Traffic to Your Booth

Posted by Lisa Ullery on Jan 28, 2015 11:36:00 AM

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, it’s safe to assume that you want as much traffic to your booth as possible. There are several well-known methods to accomplish this–purchasing floor graphics, advertising in the event directory, and designing an attractive booth that catches the eye of attendees. These methods can successfully increase traffic to your booth; however, social media is a free method that many exhibitors aren’t utilizing because they don’t think it’s effective or simply don’t realize it can be a valuable tool. Here are a few ways exhibitors can increase traffic via social:

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