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Efficient Metrics for Measuring Online B2B Marketing Success

Measure Your B2B Online Marketing Metrics

Is your team using the right metrics to measure the success of your online B2B marketing campaigns?


Social Selling in Design and Manufacturing

Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

Often in our business, we find companies are not utilizing social media as part of their marketing tool kit. Just like in B2C, you need to use social media in your design and manufacturing business to market your company.  In B2B, social media allows you to build relationships and monitor the business environment.

5 Essential Items to Consider when Designing an Email

E mail Template Thumbnail

There are many B2B marketers in the design and manufacturing business today who have days that are swamped from start to finish.  Days can be so chaotic at times that when it comes time to push out an email, there may not be enough time spent on creating and designing the email to optimize performance.  I have put together a short of list of items to consider when creating an email.  

You’ve Got Leads… Now What?


So you just exhibited at a UBM Canon medical or design & manufacturing event and have a list of leads on file to follow-up with.  You decide to give them a call.  As the phone is ringing and you are waiting for someone to pick-up, you shuffle through your notes hoping to remember any last second bit of information that could assist you during the call.  “Hi, you’ve reach the voicemail of…” Voicemail, the last thing you wanted was to leave a message recalling the event, how you met, what you talked about, how you can help, etc… But you leave a voicemail anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

Secondary Research: Scanning the external environment

3D Man resized 600
 Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As I pointed out in my last post, Great Marketing Starts with a Sound Marketing Plan, one of the first things design and manufacturing companies need to undergo in starting a marketing plan is market research. There are two types of research you will need to perform: Secondary and Primary. For secondary research, also known as External Environment, you need to look outside your company at any and all factors that impact design and manufacturing.  On the other hand, primary research involves looking at your company from the ground up.

Great Marketing Starts with a Sound Marketing Plan

ID 100120450
 Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In today’s fast moving world, design and manufacturing businesses have to move quickly.  In order to move fast you need to understand the business and the market surrounding your business.  In this first blog, I will discuss what a Marketing Plan is and give you an outline for creating a solid design and manufacturing marketing plan. 

New FDA Guidelines Give Pharma Marketing Hope for a Social Future

SocialMedia&FDA copy

Amy Erdman, UBM Medica US

VP, Marketing

Recently, the FDA released a draft of their long-awaited social media guidelines for pharmaceutical advertisers.  Yes, I said draft. However, these new guidelines offer a glimmer of hope for an industry, which, with the absence of any direction, has only been able to dip its toe into the shallow end of the social media pool.

Design and Manufacturing Content Marketing - The How To Guide

Design and Manufacturing Content Marketing Infographic

Content marketing is more important than ever and becoming a high priority for B2B marketers in the design and manufacturing, medical device, plastics, advanced manufacturing, and other industries. 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing and 9 in 10 CMOs think custom content has a positive effect on audience attitudes. While most marketers can agree that content marketing is important it can be hard to figure out how to make the time and what types of content marketing to produce.

Advanced Manufacturing Marketing on LinkedIn: New Report

Advanced Manufacturing Linked In Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is changing:

  • Deeper content: LinkedIn is positioning itself as a business-to-business (B2B) content distributor.
  • Updated user interface: Feed-style home page makes viewing and sharing content easier.
  • Mobile apps: Redesigned smartphone and tablet apps are driving more mobile usage.

Harnessing the Power of Colors in Advertising

Colors In Advertising

By Salvatore Di Cristo

Imagine a world with no colors. Unthinkable! Life would be so dull, boring and lifeless if there were no colors. Every color in the spectrum affects the human brain and mind differently. Each color evokes a feeling that no other color can stir up. That is why colors play an integral part in advertising. Colors are used to draw the audience to a message and get them to identify with the product or service that is being advertised.

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